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NEW CULTURAL COUNSELLOR PLEDGES SUPPORT TO ZIMBABWEAN UNIVERSITIES/// Report on the celebration of the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (as) in Harare///

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DATE: 28th OCTOBER 2017


ZNAMS a national representative body of Muslim students, has now taken the idea of interfaith dialogue to university students. The organiser were Amirillah Phiri and Hussein Mgumbate of Chinhoyi University of Technology supported by Muslim students from University of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Open University. The workshop was sponsored by the Iranian Cultural Center in Harare, Zimbabwe.

A series of polished presentations from various individuals from Christianity and Islam were delivered based on the theme: interfaith workshop based on Peace, Unity and Religious Tolerance for the Betterment of Youths.

Christion Union leader Mr. Ashley pointed out that, every school shoul set up, interfaith bodies in order to instill and uphold the spirit of peaceful co-existence in Zimbabwe. Youth should be active in promoting peace and unity in universities, schools and colleges.

Shiekh Makwinja presented A paper on Prophet Muhammad (SAW) model of religious tolerance and dialogue and on the Christianity side Pastor Dutch presented on Jesus Christ model of religious tolerance and dialogue.

Without forgetting, the workshop was blessed also with the presence of The head of cultural centre of Iran Dr Shojakhan who presented some books to the University Chaplin to be put in the university library so that students appreciate the importance of religious tolerance and coexistence. He advised the students to uphold the spirit of tolerance in order to build a better future for the country.

Lastly, the university Chaplin Rev Mateva recommended and commended the efforts of the students especially the Muslim students for initiating such a noble program. He also said that it was the first program of such nature to be held at Chinhoyi University of Technology. He also urged the students to form an interfaith chapter of the university to ensure the continuity of such programs.

The workshop was attended by 25 students from Christianity and 25 students from Islam.

Recommendations by Pastor Dutch and Sheikh Makwinja.

1. The interfaith drive should be continued to all universities in Zimbabwe.

2. Football matches between Muslim and Christian students should be organised.

3. Essay competitions for high school students based on interfaith.

4. We sincerely thank Maulana Mahdavi and Dr. Shojakani for the support of the interfaith programs.



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